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 Song Hau Farm Corporation (Sohafarm Corp.) is the selective elite inheritance from Sohafarm.

Sohafarm was founded on April 20th, 1979 under Decision No. 33/QD-UBT with a natural area of 3,450 hectares (the former, Quyet Thang Farm cut out 50% of the area); in 1984, merged 50% remaining part to make 6,981.5 hectares according to Decision No. 47/QD-UBT. Up to 1992, Sohafarm was officially established as a state-owned enterprise in accordance with Decision No. 1106/QD-UBT from Can Tho People’s Committees.

An integrated agricultural production model turned this area from swampy wilderness, sparkling ponds, wetlands, alum into the fertile land, made the life development for more than 3,000 households; the enterprise was twice been awarded the title of Labor Hero by the Government in 1985 and 1999.

Sohafarm was proposed by Can Tho leaders and chosen by the Prime Minister to establish "AN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION AREA WITH HIGH TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION" for the purpose of advanced technology application in agricultural production in order to achieve high economic benefits, both to ensure the quality, price and the ecological environment, ensuring the building of sustainable agricultural production, and can replicate the results of high-tech application in agricultural production for the whole region.

From the result of the research entitled "Sustainable agricultural development in Mekong River Delta by approaching from Sohafarm model in Can Tho City", Sohafarm Corp. was established on 27/12/2007 with three original founding members of Sohafarm (contributing 51% of charter capital), the author of the research Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Anh and Mr. Ho Xuan Minh. However, after the establishment of Sohafarm Corp., the new Board of Directors of Sohafarm didn’t implement capital obligations as stipulated by law, so the founding members of the Sohafarm were then changed by the new shareholders.

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