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Remuneration policy


Salary Policy:

Sohafarm Corp. always guarantees all rights of the employees in accordance with law. The laborers receive competitive salaries compared to the average level of the market and regular salary increase, ensure openness, fairness and transparency, demonstrate the sustainable development policy of the enterprise.

Bonus Policy:

The enterprise always has timely reward policy in order to motivate and encourage the staffs to make dedication and hard efforts to build  a day-by-day development of Sohafarm Corp. The staffs are annually rewarded on holidays and Lunar New Year, bonus level depends on production and business achievements of the enterprise.

Welfare Regime:

All staffs to sign formal labor contracts are entitled to social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance as prescribed by law.

The enterprise organizes for the staffs to go for sightseeing, vacation, makes exchange opportunities, relaxing, resting. The enterprise often takes interest, gives gifts to employees and their families on anniversaries such as International Women's Day, International Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, ... and the wedding dates of the employees.

Training Policy:

Awareness of the importance of human resources, the enterprise is very interested in and serious about training and improving professional knowledge and work skills in order to make conditions for staffs to work efficiently most because of the overall development.

Promotion Opportunities:

The enterprise always makes all conditions for employees with promotion opportunities at work especially those with progressive, inquisitive, energetic, creative work.

Coming to Sohafarm is to unity, kindness and professional, civilized and modern working environment.

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